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Accept files: Gerber files.
Support software: We apply CAM350 and GENESIS to handle gerber files.
Layers: 1- 6  (1-4 layers can operate on self-service platform, 6 layers send email for quote)
Material: FR4
Maximum sizes: 450mmx450mm (17.7"x17.7")
Minimum sizes: 5mmx5mm (0.2"x0.2")
PCB thickness: 0.4mm-2.4mm (0.016"-0.1"), default 1.6mm.
Minimum trace: 6mil (0.15mm, 0.006")
Minimum space: 6mil (0.15mm, 0.006")
Copper weight: 1-2oz, default 1oz (for mutli-layer is outside layer 1-2oz, inside layer 0.5oz)
Finished hole size: 0.3mm-6.3mm (0.012"-0.248")
Surface Finish: HASL(default), HASL Lead-Free, Immersion Gold
Soldermask: variety of colors, default green.
Silkscreen: variety of colors, default white.
Silkscreen font:  trace>0.15mm, height>0.8mm
AOI examination: 100%

Fly probe testing: prototype 100% test, small scale randomly test.


                           A                                                    B1                                                     B2

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