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                                                      PCBA service

One Station Solution:

We focus on 3-500 pcs SMT / DIP produce. Most assembly workshops won't like such a low quantity, while it is an unavoidable phase for new product. We can help you.

One Station Solution:

You send us gerbers and BOM, then we would organize pcb, stencil, low-tech kits, high-tech kits (from Mouser), and assembly. Then turn key you the completed boards.


PCB, stencil, shipping: as calculator

Low-tech kits (resistors and capacitors): $50-$100/order

High-tech kits: as www.mouser.cn

Assembly Fee:

SMT: $250/order

DIP: $150/order

SMT+DIP: $350/order

Lead time:
12 days normally (7-10 days waiting kits from Mouser + 2 days assembly)

Show Cases:


               SMT ($250 assembly fee)                                         DIP ($150 assembly fee)

                SMT+DIP ($350 assembly fee)

Let's Begin:

Send us gerber, BOM, silkscreen pdf to service@xuripcb.com for quotation.